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Around Retford town 21 Jan '11 Beautiful day #...Image by Roger Bunting via FlickrThis Saturday sees the beginning of Independent Booksellers Week when we indies promote the reasons why you should buy your book with us rather than in chains, supermarkets or online. The independent bookshop experience is only one of the reasons why you should shop in your local town.

1. Independent shops create distinctive shopping experiences, stock different, traditional and often local products.

2. Local shops sell a wide range of great products at affordable prices.

3. Shopping local creates and retains jobs – evidence shows that for every £10 spent in an independent shop £25 is generated for the local economy compared to £14 spent in multinationals.

4. Shopping local can save you money – not only are many products priced competitively, travel costs, parking and time are all reduced.

5. Shopping locally helps to retain strong and vibrant communities.

6. Local independent shops invest more in their communities and support many local activities and organisations.

7. Shopping local saves the environment – no need for long car journeys to out of town stores.

8. The loss of local retailers often leads to the loss of other local services. As shops disappear so do hairdressers, vets, dentists, etc..

9. Local shops are for everyone – most people can get to their local shops easily and this is especially important for elderly, vulnerable and young people and those without transport.

10. Local traders survive by their reputation so will often go out of their way to give great customer service.

Next time you write your shopping list try to think “Could I buy this in my high street?” Every little helps.

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