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Around seven or eight years ago we had a quiet lad come to us for a week-long work experience in the shop. He was hard working and conscientious and was looking to go on to a career in catering.

Those of you that watched the BBC Young Chef of the Year in 2009 will have seen Douglas McMaster win the event, unaware that he spent his schooldays in Retford.

Now Douglas is touring the Southern Hemisphere and making a name for himself on the “Wasted” project, cooking food that would normally be wasted at pop-up restaurants in Australia. Now I’m not an adventurous eater, I pick out the kidney in steak and kidney pie and won’t be seen in the same room as tripe, so some of Douglas’s menu would have me running for the hills. Anyone fancy cow’s nose and nettle soup followed by the intercostal muscle with potato skin and a serve of popeseye (the cow’s sphincter muscle) to finish?

However they are loving it in Australia, as you can read in the Melbourne Broadsheet and the London Evening Standard and I can only applaud Douglas on his mission to stamp out waste (we throw about 3.6 million tonnes of food away each year in the UK alone).

Watch out for Douglas, he could be to food waste what Jamie Oliver was to turkey twizzlers. And when he gets round to writing a book about the subject I hope he’ll come and do a signing for us – even though I might be a bit selective about what I cook from it!

You can find out more about the Wasted Project at www.wastedpopup.com and if you fancy a bit of nose to tail cookery yourself why not try Nose to Tail Eating by Douglas’s old boss at the St John Restaurant, Fergus Henderson?

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